Data Destruction and Your Financial Information: Is Your Information Secure?

Most consumer financial information today is stored on a computer or server and rarely stored in paper form. The days of simply shredding financial documents and moving on are over. When companies and individuals engage in electronics recycling in NYC, they could be handing over potential financial information and sensitive data. This is why it is imperative that individuals and companies alike are aware of the information they are storing and more importantly, that they choose the company handling their computer and laptop recycling carefully.

ProTek Recycling handles computer and electronics recycling for some of the biggest financial institutions in NYC. We offer data destruction services along with recycling. Schedule your free bulk pickup today at 978-621-4358.

The Importance of Data Security

Data security has been a big topic in the news as of late. With more companies facing cybersecurity issues, there is little focus on what happens to electronics and computers that have been recycled. These electronics have just as much information on them as those computers still connected to the web. If companies and individuals do not think data destruction is important for their obsolete technology, there are a few reasons to reconsider:

  • The data remains on a device regardless if it is in use. Computers, hard drives, imaging equipment and servers are designed to store sensitive data. Unless that data is physically erased and destroyed, anyone can power up that obsolete piece of technology and retrieve the information that is on it.
  • Companies could be legally responsible for stolen data. Companies that engage in computer and laptop recycling must take extra precautions to erase any client or vendor data on those devices. If that information is not properly destroyed and a customer’s identity is stolen, the company could be legally liable for any damages that occur because of their negligence.
  • Hospitals and healthcare providers face special issues. Not only is a healthcare provider liable for financial data stolen off recycled devices, but they could be found in violation of HIPAA if they do not destroy data properly.

ProTek Recycling offers data destruction for all of our computer and laptop recycling assignments. We ensure the sensitive financial data from personal and company computers, servers and other electronic devices is carefully removed and destroyed before recycling. From software destruction to physical destruction, we ensure that your sensitive data is no longer accessible to anyone.

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