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Whether you have recently upgraded the computers your company uses, or you will be going through this in the future, it is essential to dispose of the equipment in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner. One important aspect of every business is the organization’s security, which is why it is essential to allow experienced professionals handle the recycling process for you. ProTek Recycling guarantees 100% data destruction for every piece of equipment we recycle – including out of date computers.

Choosing an Electronic Recycling Company in NYC

When it comes to recycling the unwanted electronics that your company has accumulated, you need a team of professionals that you can trust to handle the equipment and its sensitive data accordingly. Having your company’s data find its way into the wrong hands is a scary situation, which can be avoided completely while working with ProTek Recycling. Our professionals also guarantee to abide by the New York State Electronic Equipment and Recycling Act.

With data security and environmental responsibilities being of the utmost importance, we offer two levels of secure data destruction. Software destruction: The data is overwritten a minimum of three times with random number sequences. This will render the data irretrievable. It does not destroy the physical hard drive. Physical destruction: This method is ideal for large quantities of hard drives or storage media because they can be destroyed by either degaussing or shredding.

In situations where you have electronics that are no longer working or they have loose components, ProTek Recycling will take these along with any other computer or laptops that need to be recycled.

To learn more about our recycling efforts and how your NYC business can benefit from working with us, contact ProTek Recycling today to get started!

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