IBM 5150

  • Manufacturer: IBM
  • Model: IBM PC
  • Part No: 5150
  • Category: Computers
  • Date Introduced: 1981
  • Ceased Production: 1987
  • Price at Introduction: $1,565 ($4,065 adjusted dollars as of 2014)
  • Color: White, Beige Case
  • Case Material: Steel, Plastic Face-Plate
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Associated Accessories: IBM Color 5153 Monitor, IBM Model M Keyboard
  • Target Market: Business, Government, Academia, Home Use
IBM 5150IBM 5150IBM 5150IBM 5150


The IBM 5150 quickly became synonymous with the term “personal-computer.” IBM took the then unusual steps to design the computer using off-the-shelf components and use open-architecture. This decision allowed outside companies to develop peripherals and software greatly increasing its versatility and popularity. Incidentally, the early history of Microsoft is closely tied with the IBM 5150 as they were selected to develop a CP/M operating system, also an unusual move as Microsoft was then small and relatively unknown. The IBM PC because an instant hit and by 1982 they were selling one unit every minute of the working day. For a time they were nearly ubiquitous in business and even today most computers trace their architectural roots back to this machine. Its look is iconic and many clone computers were made to resemble it both in look and function. Being able to run the same software as the 5150 became a major selling point leading to the term “IBM PC-Compatible” for those computers that could.