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Electronic Waste Recycling in New York

As of January 1, 2015, consumers are no longer allowed to dispose of certain types of electronic equipment in landfills, waste-to-energy facilities, in the trash, or at curbside for trash pickup. Instead, consumers now have several legal options to safely dispose of e-waste.

  • Take electronics to a tech firm or the manufacturer
  • Donate your unwanted electronics
  • Sell your unwanted electronics
  • Give your e-waste to a certified e-waste recycler

Manufacturers are required to accept their own brand of equipment in addition to one piece of electronic waste of any manufacturer’s brand if offered by a consumer with the purchase of electronic equipment. However, this still requires the consumer to bring their electronics to a location or mail them back to the manufacturer. This becomes time consuming if you have a lot of electronics to dispose of that are from different manufacturers.

Why You Should Recycle with Protek Recycling

At ProTek Recycling we come to you to pick up your e-waste. There are no restrictions when it comes to manufacturer and we take many different types of electronics.We also provide you with a certificate and chain of custody to keep on record showing that we properly destroyed your data.

A Few More Reasons to Choose ProTek Recycling:

  • We’re available in Manhattan, Boston, and the Capital Region
  • No documentation to complete
  • We don’t view, access or copy your data
  • We qualify as an electronic waste recycling facility under the State of New York

What Qualifies a Company to be an Electronic Waste Recycling Facility

  1. Completing the registration process – This is a one-time registration done through the State of New York
  2. Submitting annual reports – For compliance purposes, the site must submit annual reports that detail their site activities
  3. Proof of proper waste storage – Waste sites must use a fully enclosed building or secured container to store all E-waste until it is properly disposed of or recycled
  4. One-year rule – A site can only keep electronic waste on-site for one year from the date it was collected. Then the site must recycle or dispose of the waste in accordance with the state and EPA regulations
  5. Comply with the disposal ban – Electronic waste collection sites cannot dispose of electronic waste at a hazardous waste management facility or any solid waste facility. Instead, they must follow federal and state rules for disposing and/or recycling materials

Companies and consumers trust ProTek Recycling to collect and dispose of their E-waste because we are a qualified waste collection firm. Are you ready to get started? Contact ProTek Recycling for your free quote! We look forward to working with you. 

Data & Info Privacy Guarantee Badge Graphic

Protek is strongly committed to protecting the data of our clients. We will never view, copy, or otherwise access any data on hard drives that we receive, and we will protect any and all data containing devices from third-party access. We also provide in-house services that will completely and irrevocably destroy your data. Please view our data destruction page for a full outline of what we can do.