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Electronics Recycling in Boston, MA

electronics recycling boston ma

There's one company that you should count on if you need electronics recycling in Boston, MA - ProTek Recycling. We're affordable, reliable, and experienced. Organizations that are large and small count on us for our eco-friendly services that keep the bottom line in mind.

We’re Just Like You

Regulations of all kinds, like environmental ones, can make your cost of operating go higher. We’re of the same mind of you that what matters is making sure that you’re compliant, and that you can still make money. When you sign on with us, you’ll be working with other business professionals that understand that making a profit is your priority. Simply put, we’re an organization that has your best interests at heart.

ProTek Respects Your Privacy

These days, privacy is the top concern of many different people. You can count on us to keep things confidential because we will never go rummaging through the data on your devices. We’ll never view, copy, or access in any way, what is stored on your desktops, laptops, etc. We also are a great choice if you need someone to provide complete and irrevocable data destruction.

The Businesses We Work For

To date, we have worked with over 400 different companies. We have extensive experience working in a variety of different fields, as listed below:

  • Broadcasting
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Film
  • Financial Services
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information Services
  • Internet
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass Media
  • Music
  • News Media
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Telecommunications

Other Organizations We Can Work With

We do more than help Boston based businesses recycle their old electronics. We also work with organizations like non-for-profits, state and local governments, and educational organizations.

Minimum Pickup Size in Metro Areas

In metropolitan areas there must be 10 or more of the following types of electronics to qualify for our free pickup service:

  • Desktop Computers, PCs
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Network Switches

It can be 10 or more of one type, or a combination of the four. Other types of electronics (see What We Can Recycle page) can be picked up at the same time, but will not count towards the minimum.

Minimum Pickup Size in non-Metro Areas

When servicing clients outside of metropolitan areas, there must be 20 items or more to qualify for our free pickup service.

Data & Info Privacy Guarantee Badge Graphic

Protek is strongly committed to protecting the data of our clients. We will never view, copy, or otherwise access any data on hard drives that we receive, and we will protect any and all data containing devices from third-party access. We also provide in-house services that will completely and irrevocably destroy your data. Please view our data destruction page for a full outline of what we can do.