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e-Waste Recycling for Schools

Over the past couple of years, schools and universities have reduced the number of books students need and have begun to use more computers and tablets for teaching. In school, students learn their lesson on classroom computers instead of on a chalkboard. At home, assignments are often completed on a school-issue laptop or tablet. While this reduces the amount of paper being used, schools are quickly becoming a leader in eWaste generation.

In addition to laptops and tablets, schools contain many phones, TVs, printers, servers, wires, and other electronics that all get replaced as they break or technology advances. By developing a strong recycling program, schools can not only educate students on math and history, but on how to better take care of the environment.

How can ProTek help? ProTek works with many schools and has multiple options and can further tailor a service to each school’s electronics recycling needs. Whether your school is doing a one-time upgrade, or needs periodic pick-ups throughout the year, ProTek can develop a service plan to recycle it all.

Flagship Palletized Carton Service

The ideal service for large, recurring volumes, we provide heavy-duty palletized cartons which can be kept on site. When filled, simply contact us and within 72 hours we will come by and collect the full bins and leave empty ones. This is the preferred service for large schools or college campuses. Each bin can fit 30-40 desktops or comparably-sized equipment and we can provide as many bins as are needed. Large equipment, like server racks and copiers that can’t be put inside, can be left next to and collected at the same time as the bins. This simple solution requires no maintenance on your part and keeps maintenance rooms clear of clutter. Because of the volume and simplicity, in many cases this service can be provided free-of-charge.

One-Time or Recurring Pickups: Computer & Electronics Recycling

For schools that do not have enough room to store a bin or not enough volume to fill one regularly, we can provide one-time or regular pickups. Our staff can come right to your door and collect the equipment to be recycled. Our convenient pickup services mean you can get back to teaching students faster, allowing us to do what we do best. Free pickups can still be provided for qualified pickups of sufficient quantities.

Recycling for College Campuses: Electronic Waste (e-waste) Building Collections

This more specialized solution we’ve designed for college campuses or building management companies. A date is set where all faculty and staff on campus are informed that they may safely dispose of all types of electronic waste. We come to the location, provide trucks or containers, and can visit multiple buildings or areas of campus to collect the equipment for disposal. In this way, buildings that cannot place bins may still provide a regular means for recycling electronics.

All electronics that are collected are then properly recycled so that no waste ends up in landfills or in the environment. All equipment containing saved data such as hard drives and cell phones are erased or destroyed. We value the privacy of our clients and ensure that personal information and data will never be viewed and or accessed.

What We Accept

  • Desktop PCs, Computers
  • Laptops
  • Servers/Server Racks
  • Cell Phones
  • Routers, Network Switches
  • Photocopiers, Scanners
  • Power Supplies
  • Wires/Cables
  • Misc. Electronic Parts/Components
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Lead-Acid
  • Lithium Ion
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride
  • Nickel-Cadmium
  • Radios
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Inkjet & Laser Printers
  • Projectors
  • VCRs/DVD Players
  • Cable/Satellite Boxes
  • Speaker Systems
  • Audio Equipment
  • LCD Monitors/TVs
  • Phone Systems, PBXs, & Telecom Equipment
  • Microwaves/Toasters
  • Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers

Keep your school or college campus free of ewaste by recycling with Protek! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your unwanted and broken electronics aren’t in landfills or cluttering up your buildings. Schedule your school e-waste pickup today.

Data & Info Privacy Guarantee Badge Graphic

Protek is strongly committed to protecting the data of our clients. We will never view, copy, or otherwise access any data on hard drives that we receive, and we will protect any and all data containing devices from third-party access. We also provide in-house services that will completely and irrevocably destroy your data. Please view our data destruction page for a full outline of what we can do.