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Moving Offices? Recycle Responsibly with ProTek Recycling - ProTek Recycling

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Moving offices can be a challenge, but, recycling electronics doesn’t have to be! ProTek Recycling accepts many pieces of electronics and we will come to your facility and remove the necessary items for you. 

Items We Accept Include:
- Desktop PCs
- Laptops
- Servers & Server Racks
- Photocopiers & Scanners
- Inkjet & Laser Printers
- Phone Systems 
- And many more!

ProTek Recycling Serves Many Businesses:
- Architecture
- Construction
- Financial Services
- Manufacturing
- Publishing
- Retail
- And many more!

With our vast knowledge and expertise, ProTek Recycling is the clear choice for all of your recycling needs. For more information, and a free quote, contact ProTek Recycling today!