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eWaste Glossary - ProTek Recycling

Electronic Waste in the Garbage

You already know that ProTek Recycling is your go-to for all your electronics recycling needs, but what exactly do all these terms we use mean? Look no further – your official eWaste Glossary is here! We’ve compiled a list of definitions for the most common terms in our field of business to help you better understand what it is that we do.

Check it out below:

Carcinogens: Cancer-causing substance that can be released into the air from electronics that are improperly disposed of.

Electronics Recycling: The process used to recover useful materials from the electronics, such as metal, glass, or plastic.

Electronic Waste (eWaste): Electronics that have come to their EOL or EOU and are to be disposed of.

End of Life (EOL): The point at which a product can no longer be used for any purpose whatsoever and should be properly disposed of/recycled.

End of Use (EOU): The point at which a product can no longer be used for its original purpose, but may still be useful for something else.

Refurbishing: The process of repairing or changing certain components (hardware or software) of a product to extend its life and allow it to be reused for its intended purpose.

Understanding electronics recycling is easier once you become familiar with the terms involved. Contact ProTek Recycling to learn more, today!